I don’t know what to write for this, sometimes I can’t even understand myself, lol, but this post/Bio might be the longest text in this entire ‘blog’, I’m not going to modify this post as well, even though it has some grammar or spelling mistakes, I don’t care, because I just want you to know nobody’s perfect, the whole point is you can obviously understand everything written here, lol

You might like or hate me, it’s totally understandable (my expectation), and I have no worry about that! I love the feeling of being awkward in public, It’s so much fun to me every time I embarrass myself and when people look at me, lol


Now, the following is my Bio, but what’s ‘bio’ mean? I don’t care, like a short intro

My name’s Huy Nguyen, aka ‘Justin’, from Vietnam. I speak Vietnamese (1st) and English (2nd). I used to be an introvert, scared of crowds when I was at teenage, then my personality changed from 20-age, later on, I came to Canada on 28th August, 2018 as an ‘international student’ (I don’t like this phrase, it’s too long, so I’ll simply use ‘student’ instead, to make this Bio longer, lol). I quit university in Vietnam before being here in Canada, but I never regret the decisions I made, why? I know what I’m doing

What else???

VIRGINSTV, what does it mean? It’s simply “Virgin Vietnamese”, check out the shape of my birth country (Vietnam) on the maps to see why “S”, It’s not because I’m virgin, just because I’m a new Vietnamese came to Canada, lots of things new to me.. and furthermore, I’d like to encourage other people, ‘new’ people like me, don’t be shy but confident! and you can do the same like me, no matter where you are, lol. Why VIRGINSTV? I like to bring more laughter to this busy world, a smiling face is enough to make someone’s day. If you hate me, I don’t care, lol


Some other bio
– Favorite music: Dance electronic (EDM, house, trance, nu-disco, indie dance..), hiphop (trap, old-school hiphop), pop, rock. I’m not picky btw, as long as it’s good, lol. I love these songs released back in the day of 90s and beginning 2000s, some boybands like Backstreet Boys, West-life, 98 degree, etc
– I love dancing, but actually I’m not a good dancer, I’m only good at some random moves, lol
– Favorite sports: soccer, tennis, basketball
– Y-O-B: 199x (let’s guess the number so you have chance to win a car)
– Zodiac: Leo
– Height: 6 ft
– Favorite food: any from East to West, as long as it taste not bad, again, I’m not picky, lol
– I making Youtube videos from around mid 2012, you might watched my video(s) on Youtube already, but because I didn’t present my face on these kind of vids, so you’ll never know which one is mine, lol
– I love traveling, around towns, wildlife, I prefer natural sceneries than man-made things
– …

What else? I don’t know. That’s it for this post. One last thing, I believe in God!

11:23pm September 10, 2019. Vaughan, ON, Canada